Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Shakin' & Makin' Bruised Pineapple Martinis

To someone who is not a matini drinker, martinis are very strong and over-powering. Not a beverage I would tend to order. My first time going to a martini lounge I was browsing through their very extensive list of drinks. A lot of booze that I didn't care for all mixed together to make a drink that I could never possibly choke down. Then I came across the "Bruised Pineapple Martini". The name caught me first, then the ingredients. I loved the way it sounded, so I ordered one. It was one of the best drinks I had ever had. All the different flavours mixing together, complimenting one another. It went down so easy I had to order a second one.
And now you can make yourself on at home.
Here it is. I'll take you through the steps of how to make a "Bruised Pineapple Martini".



Yummy goodness!

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