Monday, July 16, 2007

Paint for Pleasure

You don't have to be an artist to pick up a paint brush and go to it. Something so simple can be so inspiring. I'm going to show you how to add a little inspiration to any room of your home. All of the materials used in this project if not already in your home, can be picked up at your local craft store or even the dollar store.

Shall we begin?

Materials you will need :

  1. 1 canvas (any size)

  2. 2 colours of acrylic paint which co-ordinate with each other and blend with the room it will hang in

  3. 1 thick paint brush

  4. 1 thin, short bristled paint brush

  5. rubber or foam alphabet stamps

  6. 1 quote which inspires you (you can search inspirational quotes on the internet if you don't have on in mind)

Start by deciding which colour you would like to be your solid background and which you would like your lettering to be.

Once you have made up your mind, put some paint into a dish and use your thick brush to paint the entire canvas. Leave it to dry for a couple hours. You may need to do a second coat of paint over it depending on how thick the first coat was. If needed, leave another couple hours until second coat is dry.

Put some of your paint that you will be using for your lettering into a small dish. You won't need very much of this colour. Use your small brush to paint your stamps. Do 1 letter at a time. Don't put too much paint on the stamp or it will just turn the letters into blobs of paint.

Once you have finished stamping your quote you can add little accents if you choose to have something extra you would like. Leave you painting to dry and then it is ready to hang.

Here is the finished product:

Try it for yourself. This fun and easy painting will add a new feel to any room you hang it in.

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Amazing tutorial Angela! I think I will have to try one!